Vegetable Fats And Oils

New Britain Oils produces a great range of vegetable fats and oils for the food and nonfood industry. We deliver fats and oils in both bulk and boxes. Our strength is that we have in-depth knowledge of the baking and frying industry. We only use the finest seeds to grow our elite trees. Besides, only the best sun-ripened fruits are then selected for harvesting. The palm oil we use in our products is 100% sustainable. Besides, all our palm oil come from our own RSPO certified estates. We, New Britain Palm Oil Limited, are a world leader in certified and traceable food ingredients. These ingredients are grown in Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands. We have total control of our supply chain and are able to trace all our products back to the source. From the planting of the seeds and refining in our own dedicated refinery.

Our Vegetable Fats and Oils Ingredients

vegetable fats and oils - deep frying oil
New Britain


For many proficient chefs, good tasting food is the key goal. The taste and flavour of a frying oil is a primary factor in their selection. Yet, consumers are also more aware of the environmental impact of what they consume. For that reason, more and more chefs use sustainable products in their kitchen. We have three fantastic frying oil products to offer. EXPLORE OUR DELICO DEEP FRYING OIL RANGE

vegetable fats and oils - baking ingredients
New Britain


We offer high-performance cake margarine, pastry margarine or shortening to the professional bakers. Our bakery fat experts designed a market leading range of baking ingredients.  FOLLOW THIS LINK TO OUR SHORTENING RANGE and read all about our bakery fats.

vegetable fats and oils - palm oil in bulk
New Britain


In our state-of-the-art facility in Liverpool, we refine palm oil into various high-quality oil ingredients. Palm oil is an important and versatile vegetable oil in many applications. Palm oil is used in bakery products, margarine, confectionery and many more food products.  READ HERE ALL ABOUT OUR SUSTAINABLE PALM OIL PRODUCTS in bulk.