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New range of sustainable deep frying oils

Sustainable deep frying oilsNew Range of Sustainable Deep Frying Oils

​There are many deep frying products available on the UK market. We noticed that a lot of the frying oils in the market are not oxidative stable enough.
This can be unhealthy for the consumers.  Furthermore, most frying oils are not sustainable. The consumer expects that products are made from trusted sustainable products. In addition, a sustainable and oxidative stable deep frying oil is better for the environment and save you money. Therefore, ​​New Britain Oils introduces a new quality range of sustainable deep frying oils for the professional catering market in the UK. Delico® is the new name for our deep frying oil range. This new range consists of 3 deep frying product: Finest, Twenty, and PRO. The Delico products only contain certified sustainable palm oil. 

All our deep frying oils are designed for intensive frying 

During the frying process, the oil undergoes a complex reaction during heating. This will influence the taste, quality, color, and crispiness of the fried food. An important indicator of the quality is the polymerization of the oil. This indicator reflects the speed of the degradation of the oil. All Delico® deep frying oils are oxidative stable and have a high smoke point. The more durable the frying oil, the longer you can fry. You can save money and time by using Delico®!

Delico is the best sustainable oil for deep frying available on the market

Finest and Twenty are suitable for daily frying of fish and chips. Restaurants can choose for a more liquid frying oil such as PRO. Besides, Pro is an excellent replacement for 100% rapeseed oil. 

​​100% Certified Sustainable Palm Oil

​Palm oil is one of the core ingredients for our frying oils. We only use palm oil in our products from our own plantations. The RSPO (Round Table of Sustainable Palm) certified our plantations.

​Delico® FINEST and Twenty come in 12.5 kg box which offers clients easy handling. Delico® Pro is packed in 15-liter tubs. Besides, Delico® offers easy pouring, convenience and great storage in ambient form. Click HERE to read more about the Delico® sustainable deep frying oil range.

Delico Finest Extended life frying oil

Delico Twenty Extended life frying oil

Delico PRO Long liefe frying oil