Sime Darby Plantation Launches Crosscheck In A Major Step Towards Palm Oil Supply Chain Traceability

The next step in palm oil supply chain traceability

Sime Darby Plantation Berhad (SDP) recently launched ‘Crosscheck’. This is an open-access online tool that allows everyone to trace sources of SDP’s palm oil supply down to the mill level. This latest effort by SDP represents a major step forward for the Company in its journey to create a deforestation-free supply chain.

As the leading producer of sustainable palm oil, we share the concern that the rapid rate of deforestation has become an urgent challenge that calls for a meaningful response from various stakeholders.

Crosscheck: Palm Oil Supply Chain Traceability

Crosscheck allows users to cut through the complexity of SDP’s current supply chain involving a large number of players, with a network of refineries sourcing from hundreds of mills, supplied from thousands of plantations and hundreds of thousands of smallholders.

By using Crosscheck, users can choose to view:

• A map showing all the mills that supply each of SDP’s refineries, and information on who owns these mills.
• A risk map showing the 50 kilometers radius around each mill, highlighting areas of risk such as forest, animal habitats, and biodiversity.
• Satellite maps which show any evidence of deforestation on the ground.

Part of our palm oil supply chain traceability journey

Crosscheck now becomes part of our sustainability journey that has seen the company adopting its Zero-burning pledge over 30 years ago, in addition to various other sustainability initiatives, including the Company’s No-Deforestation, No-Peat, and No-Exploitation (NDPE) policy, as well as its Responsible Agriculture Charter and Human Rights Charter.

Follow the link to learn more on Crosscheck palm oil supply chain traceability