New Britain ranks third in quarterly SPOTT sustainability league table

The latest transparency assessment scores for 50 of the world’s largest palm oil producers have been announced by SPOTT The Sustainable Palm Oil Transparency Toolkit.

With scores ranging from 0% to 93%, SPOTT covers a broad spectrum of approaches to corporate sustainability including looking at the following criteria:

-RSPO reporting requirements


-Environmental management

-Fragile marginal and peat soils

-Zero Burning

-Greenhouse gas emissions


We are pleased to report that New Britain Palm Oil Limited™s most recent score announced this week is 86%, ranking the business third overall out of 50 of the largest oil palm growing companies in the world.

Scoring full marks in all but three categories, New Britain Oils demonstrated an exceptional track record in the areas of traceability, RSPO reporting requirements, zero burning and fragile, marginal and peat soils.

Since the SPOTT reports were launched in June 2014, New Britain Oils has performed consistently occupying a top table position throughout each quarterly update.

We are proud to share our score, which can be viewed HERE