New Britain Oils Launches New Palm Oil Film

New Britain Oils, the UK’s leading supplier of sustainable palm-based ingredients, has launched a new animated short film outlining its unique supply chain.

By showing the palm oil  journey from New Britain Oils independently certified plantations in Papua New Guinea to its refinery and processing operation in Liverpool, the company is able to illustrate how its approach differs from other palm oil supply chains, and why sustainable sourcing matters.

The video launch coincides with imminent changes to European Union (EU) food labelling laws. Those changes mean that all palm oil ingredients must be clearly labelled on food products from December 2014 and no longer just categorised as vegetable oil.

It is estimated that around 600,000 tons of palm oil and its derivatives are imported in to the UK each year with around 25 per cent of this being used in the baking industry. As such, the new labelling laws are expected to have a significant impact on consumer and retailer awareness of this everyday ingredient.

Andy Worrall, General Manager at New Britain Oils, comments: The vision was to create an engaging film which would explain our unique proposition and practices, particularly with regard to our supply chain and sustainability credentials. In addition to the considerations around health, quality and price, ethical issues such as sustainability and responsible sourcing are becoming increasingly important to both bakery product manufacturers and consumers alike.

Ensuring your commodity ingredients are part of a responsible supply chain is more important than ever. We are really proud of the measures that New Britain Oils has taken to ensure our product range represents the best all-round proposition in terms of quality, provenance and price. Our unique supply chain is at the very heart of that offering. 

Click HERE to view the video on the New Britain Oils website

New Britain Oils can be contacted on: 0151 922 4875