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New Britain launches sustainable artisan bakery fats range

New Britain launches sustainable artisan bakery fats range

New Britain Oils in association with specialist bakery ingredient wholesaler BFP are proud to announce the launch of a new range of sustainable artisan bakery fats. Specifically developed and designed for the craft baker the range combines the quality and performance you have come to expect from New Britain with the traceability and provenance of the UK’s leading sustainable producer.

The range includes ;

Premium Pastry – Conveniently presented in a 12.5 kg,  4 slice format, Premium Pastry is highly versatile and equally suited to both French and traditional Scotch production methods.

Choice Cake – Lightly coloured and containing a natural butter flavour, Choice Cake combines excellent creaming properties with a superior bake through flavour.  Ideal for use in sponge cakes and butter creams.

Supreme Shortening – Can be used in a wide range of bakery applications from morning goods to shortcrust pastry.  Smooth texture for ease of mixing and excellent dispersion.

All the fats (even down to the emulsifiers used in our products can be traced directly to our own RSPO certified sustainable sources.  This means that users can have the peace of mind that the products they are using have been produced to the highest social, ethical and environmental standards and not at the expense of virgin rainforests or the natural habitat of endangered species like the Orang-utan.


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