NBPOL publishes first Carbon Footprint Report

New Britain Palm Oil Ltd (NBPOL) is pleased to announce the publication of the Group’s inaugural Carbon Footprint Report. The report presents an analysis of the company’s carbon footprint, mitigation strategies and projections of carbon reductions over the next 5 years.

The data and methodology presented forms the basis towards delivering on its ‘zero net carbon emissions’ commitment. This commitment is an extension of NBPOL’s significant efforts towards reducing its impact on climate change and global warming. Previous initiatives go back to 1969, where NBPOL adopted a “no burn policy” for new developments, and includes a 2002 commitment to reducing all emissions, including greenhouse gases, as well as a “no planting on peat” policy in 2010.

Work on this report was initiated in 2009. It is based on data from the Group’s largest site in West New Britain, Papua New Guinea as well as its New Britain Oils Refinery in Liverpool, UK (New Britain Oils). The report is the first phase of NBPOL’s target to account for the Group’s carbon footprint in its entirety by 2013.

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