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Gluten Free Baked Products

gluten free baked productsGluten Free Baked Products - Advice from our technical support manager

Over the past few years the demand for Gluten Free baked products has increased significantly. This is not only driven by the 1% of the UK population affected by Coeliac Disease, but increasingly by the perception that these products are healthier than baked goods made with traditional wheat flour.

Here at New Britain Oils, we are often asked to advise on fats suitable for making gluten free products, and whether there are fat blends specifically formulated for this purpose.

The simple answer is no, and in most cases gluten free products are made using standard bakery fats. However, because of differences in mixing / processing methodology there is sometimes a need to adjust the fat blend you are using.

The key to making good gluten free products is finding the optimum mix of gums, starches and gluten free flour that will mimic the properties of wheat flour. Advances in baking technology, together with improved knowledge, means that gluten free products are nowadays every bit as good as traditional wheat-based products.

Norman Stark, New Britain Oils Technical Support Manager

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