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The Cornish Pasty Week

The Cornish Pasty Week

Traditional Cornish PastyThe Cornish Pasty Association is organizing the Cornish Pasty Week. New Britain Oils is a proud sponsor of the Cornish Pasty Week. The Cornish Pasty Week takes place from the 24th Feb until the 2nd March 2019 at the World Pasty Championships at the Eden project. During this week, there are championships for different Cornish pasty categories and who will be the world’s fastest crimper.

Cornish Pasty Ingredients

New Britain Oils is UK’s leading sustainable palm oil producer. We produce an exclusive range of margarines and shortenings for making delicious traditional Cornish Pasties. Our products combine high quality and guaranteed performance with world-class sustainability credentials. Among professional pasty bakers, our margarines and shortenings are well known for their excellent laminating characteristics and workability. Click here to find your distributors for our professional margarines and shortenings to make Cornish Pasties.

Traditional Cornish Pasty Recipe

The Cornish Pasty Association is the home of everything you need to know about the Cornish pasty. Moreover, the keep a close eye for traditional  Cornish Pasty Recipe according to the PGI. The PGI protects products  which have a specific geographical origin. This means it gives legal protection for named food against imitation. Click here to read more on PGI.

Everyone is welcome at the Cornish pasty Week

Check the website of The Cornish Pasty Association to find out the day program is of this exciting week. Also, you can read how to take part in the competition. Besides, you can find tasty recipe from making Christmas pasty to chicken pasty recipe. Moreover, you can find the Best Cornish Pasty Companies of the UK.