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New Britain Oils Factory LiverpoolNew Britain Oils is the world's leading producers of certified sustainable Palm Oil. We offer our own branded range of frying oils and bakery ingredients. Also bulk products for industrial use in the food and personal care sectors.
All the palm oil in our products comes from our own independent certified estates. Our estates are in Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. We only use the finest seeds to grow our elite trees. Besides, only the best sun ripened fruits are then selected for harvesting.
We have total control of our supply chain and are able to trace all our products back to source. From planting of the seeds and refining in our own dedicated refinery. Which means that you get...


We have absolute control over the quality of our raw materials.  Besides, we have 100 years technical experience and state of the art refining facilities. Which guarantees that the very highest quality products are delivered to you.


All our products undergo stringent quality control testing and extensive evaluation to ensure they always deliver the performance you need.


There are no middlemen involved in our supply chain, which means no third party costs or mark-ups, enabling us to keep costs to a minimum.


Consumers are increasingly concerned about where their food is coming from. All the palm oil we use can be traced back to our own RSPO certified sustainable estates and associated smallholders.

By choosing New Britain products, you can be confident that you are doing the right thing for your business, your customers and the planet.

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